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Benefits To Your Customers:

- Alternative to Credit Cards and High Interest Loans

- Reach a larger audience in your community by offering a very attractive get product/service now and pay later option.

- Remain competitive and can help establish both trust and loyalty with customers.

Many businesses operate on Net 30 terms anyway, which is also a form of IOU's. Customers take possession of the product or utilize the service and have 30 days to pay off the invoice. Then the business needs to chase after the customer to pay. With IOU Notes do the same transactions on the platform, safety and easily and not have to worry about chasing after the customer to get paid.


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Leverage Your Own Funds to get Small Loans as Needed 5% APR, Up to 2 Years to Pay Back

From $250 - $10,000, For Personal and Business Use
Everyone Gets Approved. No Credit or Income Check
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Allows You To Lock in Today's Prices
And Use Anytime In The Future With No Expiration Date. Save Money and Hedge Against Inflation
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Allows You To Trade Your Product, Service, and/or Time with Others Use Like Real Cash. Equal Barter Real Life Values (1 Barter Unit = $1), No Expiration Date
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Money Creation Video Series

Money Creation Explained is an educational video series created by IOU Notes
for individuals that want to learn more about financial matters that are relevant to society today.





Platform In Beta Version and being worked on.

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IOU Notes is a platform that provides individuals and businesses with the ability to provide credit and/or lend money to other individuals
and businesses using an IOU  (I Owe You) form of currency.

Securely and easily setup and track transactions, establish repayment terms of choice   (1- 24 months), (0% - 5% interest rate) and other related functions with others in one convenient platform from account signup through to funds settlement.

IOU Notes is not based on a person's traditional credit score (FICO) or report, but rather on your IOU Credit score and report. This is based on your performance of paying back others on the IOU platform.

Build your credit limit up by repaying other users on time. Every real person and business can quality for one account after going through verification process. There is no credit checks, and even if your traditional credit is poor you can get a clean state with IOU Notes.

The IOU Notes platform was created to put the power in
the hands of the people. You decide who to give credit and/or lend to, how much
and the terms. 

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Understanding How
All Money In The
Economy Is An IOU


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