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Payday Loan / Credit Card
Alternative Option



Everyone Gets Approved, No Credit or Income Check
(5% APR Max Interest) (1 - 2 Year Payback Options)


Leverage Your Own Funds
to get Small Loans as Needed

Secure Loans is a service offered by IOU Notes that allows users to leverage their own funds to obtain small loans for personal and business use as needed and never pay more than 5% interest per year on those funds. Using our service a user can have a dependable emergency loan option, help build or rebuild their credit, budget their money better, and stop paying high interest fees from other loans. This service was created because of the scarcity of affordable small loans.

According to many studies, the average American does not have $1,000 in their bank account to cover an unexpected bill. That means, in the event of an emergency expense (vehicle, housing, medical, etc.), if family or friends could not help, the average person would have to rely on high interest credit cards or payday loans. Most people do not think that far in the future and do not calculate the amount of wasted funds they spend on loan interest and related service fees.

In addition, if people only have a small amount of funds in their bank account, they will not want to use it for a purchase, since it is very hard to return funds back to their account. Even if people got a windfall amount of funds such as from a tax rebate, most will end up using it on new purchases. The temptation to spend new funds is easier than saving it, but people are more likely to pay loan payments or some other bills because they have to.

Financial Institutions (Banks, Credit Unions, Lenders) and Larger Companies who have the resources, provide loans to others and decide the terms. Credit Cards have high interest rates up to 29% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) plus late and other fees. Payday loan APRs can total 400% or more when all the fees and interest are factored in.

With IOU Notes Secure Loans, everyone gets approved (there are no credit or income checks) because each loan is secured by that person's own funds. Using our platform the user can get the best loan terms of 5% APR; select from 1 or 2 year repayment options and not have to worry about any hidden fees or terms. A user cannot borrow more than what they submitted to the loan program. A user can move funds into their IOU Notes Account so they will have it when needed. Then when a user needs a loan they can use our platform to generate a loan between the user and IOU Notes. A user may take out as many loans as wanted as long as the funds are in their IOU Notes account. When a loan is paid back completely, funds are returned and available immediately to user. In addition, we report it to the Credit Bureaus and user's FICO score will improve over time. Also user's IOU Notes Credit Score will improve which will help with our peer to peer services.

IOU Notes Secure Loans: (Low Cost Solution)
User borrows $1,000 at 5% APR and has 1 year to pay loan back.
Total loan repayment amount is $1,050 ($1,000 principle, $50 loan fees)

Card Cards: (Is an Expensive Option)
User borrows $1,000 at 22.21% APR (National APR Average) and has 1 month to pay loan back. If it took user 1 year to pay completely then total loan repayment amount is $1,248 ($1,000 principle, $248 loan fees). The majority of credit card issuers compound interest on a daily basis. That means the interest is added to the original loan balance at the end of each day.

Payday Loans: (Is an Expensive Option)
User borrows $1,000 at 400% APR (National APR Average when you factor in all the fees and interest) and has a few weeks to a month to pay loan back. Average payoff time is 5 weeks. Total loan repayment amount is $1,493 ($1,000 principle, $493 loan fees).



Loan Process, Few Easy Steps


Step 1:
Move funds into your IOU Notes account. Funding can come from available funds from your other IOU Notes activities (IOU Payments, IOU Loans, Prepaid Notes) or from your bank account.

Step 2:
Select amount of Funds needed and term length (1 or 2 years). Loan is generated and we lend funds to you instantly.

Step 3:
Receive funds and transfer to your bank account to use.
You can access the needed funds or if cash is needed immediately you can go to any of their ATM Locations.

Step 4:
When a loan is paid back completely, funds are returned and available immediately to user. We report it to the Credit Bureaus and user's FICO score will improve over time. Also user's IOU Notes Credit Score will improve which will help with our peer to peer services.

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Free Account,
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Low Cost Borrowing
from $250 - $10,000
(5% Yearly) No Hidden
or Penalty Fees

Build or Rebuild Credit

No Credit or
Income Checks

Everyone Gets Approved

• Select from 1 or 2 Year Repayment Terms

• Use For Any Personal
or Business Use

Stop Paying
High Interest Fees

Budget Your
Money Better

Have Access for
Emergency Expenses

Leverage Your
Own Funds To
Get Loans Instantly

Take Out As Many
Loans As You Want

Your Funds are Secured
in your IOU Notes account.

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IOU Notes is an Financial Technology Company based in South Florida. Our mission is to empower all individuals, families, and businesses with financial freedom and to leverage their inherent fiscal rights.

With the IOU Notes platform every person is their own bank.
The platform extends money creation and generating new money into the economy abilities to all people and businesses in every country (currently available only in US) regardless of their background, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, economic status, education, income level, or any other factor.


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