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How to Lock in Today's Prices
and Use Anytime In The
Future with No Expiration Date


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In this episode of Money Creation Explained, we are going to cover How to Lock in Today's Prices and Use Anytime In the Future with No Expiration Date.

We have all heard of the term “inflation” which means the rate of increase in prices over a given period of time. With rising inflation, the purchasing power of money goes down, which means that more money is needed to purchase an item or service this year than in previous years. Inflation affects everyone in society in some way because we all have bills to pay (housing, food, transportation, healthcare, childcare, etc.). Most people value their time and want to have money left over after their basic needs are met. They want to utilize the fruit of their hard work to save, travel, invest, donate, etc. Inflation makes this difficult as prices keep going up on everything, while income does not necessary increase at the same rate.

Prepaid Notes is a service offered by IOU Notes which takes the long established concept of saving money and combines it with the concept of prepaying for a product or service. Some services that are prepaid include pay as you go phone plans and credit cards that are reloaded as needed. Our Prepaid service is different. It offers many benefits to both Buyers and Sellers. Transactions can take place securely and easily online or in person. Prepaid Notes is a system where a prepaid option is a viable and attractive option for individuals and businesses. There are no signup, membership, monthly, or annual fees to use it.

Buyer Benefits Include: Free Service to Buyers, allows users to Save Money and Hedge against Inflation, and Locks in Today's Price. It can be Used Anytime in the Future, Even Years Later - No Expiration Date or Restrictions When Using. It can be Bought as an Investment; Transferred or Sold to Others, and Makes a Great Gift.

Seller Benefits Include: Building Customer Loyalty, Creating an Edge Over Your Competition, Giving Users An Option To Save Money, Lets Buyers Invest In Your Company, Increase Cash Flow, Revenue and Profits, Increase Company's Ability to Expand Internally rather then just from Loans, Use Funds to Pay Down Outstanding Loans and Low Service Fee.

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