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How Ordinary People Can
Create New Money Supply


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In this episode of Money Creation Explained, we are going to cover How Ordinary People Can Create New Money Supply.

When you think of Money creation powers, you think of governments and banks having these powers. Governments have to ability to regulate currency worth and print money as needed and distribute as they see fit. When the US government needs more money in the economy, it borrows money by issuing bonds and then orders the central bank to buy those bonds by printing money. This means that the government has to pay interest on every dollar that it prints. At the time of publication of this episode (2022) the US National Debt is $31.36 Trillion. From 1922 to 2009 the US National Debt grew to $16.43 Trillion in 87 years. In the 13 years since 2009 the national debt has almost doubled. Printing money causes inflation, higher taxes, and many related issues.

Traditional banks create money in the economy through the use of new loans such as mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc. Each time a new loan is made to a borrower, banks create money by crediting those borrower’s accounts with a bank deposit the size of that loan. Every new loan that a bank makes creates new money into the economy by just accounting entries on their computers. These numbers are a ‘liability’ or IOU from the bank to the customer. The customer can then use their credit card, debit card, check, or other forms of payment methods to spend those IOUs as if they were the same as cash.

The IOU Notes platform extends the same power that banks have in creating and generating new money into the economy to all people and businesses. It can do this because when a product or service is exchanged for credit, that business extends a credit limit level that they determine, which is based on their IOU Credit Score. Businesses who extend IOU Credit to others are not laying out additional funds each time a purchase is made like bank and credit card companies do. Profits plus the original costs to produce goods or services are delayed until the customer pays back IOU Credit.

IOU Notes is a peer-to-peer credit and loan platform.

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