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Crypto Currency Opportunity


IOU Notes Coins are not for sale!

We are giving them away as a Gift of
Appreciation to Crowd Funding Supporters
that Donate $20 or more


 Crypto Currency Blockchain Coin

10 Million Max Supply



21 Million Max Supply

Unlimited Max Supply




IOU Notes has plans to launch it's own crypto currency coin. Other crypto currencies put out a massive supply of coins in the billions, trillions, and even quadrillions. IOU Notes will only issue a maximum supply of 10 million coins (less then industry leader bitcoin which has a max supply of 21 million). Once launched no more coins can be issued on the blockchain. Crypto Currency is a growing in popularity due to that unlike Governments who print money as needed, most crypto will remain the same and are capped at each's maximum supply. Also crypto currency is decentralized and is a peer to peer based financial supply. The long term practicably of crypto currency in everyday transactions still has a way to go but has come a long way in the last few years as more people learn, trust, and accept this new digital blockchain currency.

IOU Notes Coins cannot be bought and are not for sale. They are also not offered by being mined in blockchain transactions. We are giving them away as a gift of appreciation to Crowd Funding Supporters that donate $20 or more for helping expand the IOU Notes Network and reaching others. Each $20 donated we are giving away another IOU Notes Coin. This project does not have a launch date at this time, we only have the IOU Notes Coin parameters at this time (10 million max coins, crypto currency blockchain coin, etc.). Each person, business, organization that donates $20 of more, we will issue a certificate of appreciation to them by email. This email will have their info and the amount of coins that we will put in their IOU Notes account wallet as a thank you gift once crypto project gets launched. We recommend to use same email address as registered IOU Account. Having an account is not necessary and we will have instructions on how to get coins for those that do not have account. International users can also participate in this crowd fund campaign.

Important Disclaimers:
IOU Notes is a for profit company and any funds donated are not tax deductible. We declare any donations as company revenue and pay the applicable taxes on it. IOU Notes is not offering an Initial Coin Offering and is not soliciting the selling of Crypto Currency. We are not a Crypto Currency Brokerage. Users who donate to IOU Notes should do with the intention of not expecting anything in return and because they genuinely want to. This crypto project does not have a lunch date at this time.


Sample Gift of Appreciation Certificate that gets emailed to donators of $20 of more.
Each certificate has it's unique identification number and can be printed out and displayed.
We keep all records of all donators and when crypto launch happens we will sent all donators their IOU Notes Coins.





Crowd Fund Raising:

Become a supporter and join our mission together with IOU Notes. Any amount is valued and we thank you and we put your funds right to work with expanding the IOU Notes Network and reaching others. Click fund me
below to help now and
send funds using Credit card, Debit card, or PayPal
. (no account required)


Donations of $20
or more will receive
our Gift of Appreciation

 Crypto Currency Blockchain Coin

10 Million Max Supply
Industry leaders Bitcoin is
21 Million max supply
and Ethereum is unlimited.


Note: IOU Notes is a for profit company and any funds donated are not tax deductible. We declare any donations as company revenue and pay the applicable taxes on it.

Other Funding Methods

Zelle: funds@iounotes.com
(send payment to this email)

Cash App:
$iounotes (send payment to this username)

iounotes (send payment to this username, found in business search)

• BitDonate:
payment using your current Crypto Currency


• Services and Products:
If you have a service or product that could help us please email us the details to funds@iounotes.com


With other companies in the Technology field, their goal is to collect as many users and data mine their clients habits and tendencies and then sell that personal data to Advertisers and Marketers so that is how they are able to offer a completely free service.

IOU Notes is Free to open an account for all users (individuals and business) and Free to use the service. We generates revenue is from low processing fees from the recipients of IOU Payments and Loans. Our technology is Patent Pending, we are the only company to offer this form of IOU Currency, and will never sell your personal data like others companies.


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